Christmas At Seaside

A Small Town Wonderland

Christmas in the small towns along the the Florida panhandle is a very special time of year. This is particularly true in the area centered on Seaside where everyone seems to know each other and ride bikes or walk to restaurants, shops, and the many seasonal events: the annual Christmas parade, Christmas tree lighting ceremony, winter festivals and of course the arrival of Santa in a carriage. Seaside, located on the panhandle of Florida’s Emerald Coast, is frequently referred to as the first authentic new town to be built in the United States in fifty years and, as the first ”New Urbanism” development in the country.  And Christmas is a time when the many benefits of the urban design come to life.  The events along State Route 30-A, the main road in this part of the panhandle can be easily reached by walking or riding a bike.  In addition, the weather is balmy and Christmas lights glisten in the night sky. Enjoy!

Santa Arriving at the Winter Festival parade and smores for the kids.

The parade.

The Winter Festival.

Perspicacity and the Airstream food delivery systems at night.